Isn’t it nice when things line up just right?

3101618283_f2b9c49c62As I sit down to begin the planning and testing phases for a few new pieces, I am all of a sudden struck with the number of choices I have regarding the tools which I will use to accomplish my goals. Now more than ever before I find myself seriously weighing the benefits of Jitter vs Processing vs openFrameworks vs vvvv vs Touch Designer. Just last night I ran into troubles completing a task in Max only to just step back, take myself seriously for a moment, and continue on to write that same program successfully in C.

I think I’m experiencing a certain amount of shock at the proliferation of digital arts tools but also a certain amount of as-of-yet-not-experienced prowess (if I can take a second to brag) on my part. I think I’m beginning to develop a more complete grasp the tools I use to do my work, their limitations, strengths and the ways they can be made to communicate with one another.

So this has been a two paragraph lead up to just make the point that I had a realization this morning that right now is a very fun and exciting time to be doing the work I am doing and I’m grateful for the many many things which have allowed me to be in the position I am in.

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