Just Some Notes

photo by crunchcandy.

The First.

A man who is able to – and perhaps compulsively does – take notes of every occurrence within his immediate surroundings. That is to say, he able within the span of one minute to record the entirety of that minutes happenings restricted on to his current locus. Does this ability betray further special skills: Time travel? Extremely quick handwriting? Omniscience? Perhaps the man is not a normal man, but perhaps he is. Were he not a normal man, who would he be… God, perhaps? Were he a “normal” man, it’s rather unlikely you’d welcome such hurried scribblings as anything of import.

Not the Library of Babel, The Author of The Library of Babel.

A chorus which counts off the seconds, minutes and hours related to his note taking. A clock which keeps time / tempo. A clock like one of those old train time-table clocks, with the numbers made of slats which fall into one another. This is the sound which keeps the time. Sync’d to midi, probably. An ensemble, as well.

Does this man live on the train? Probably not.

The Second.

  • A band begins to play.
  • A video cassette is inserted into a VCR
  • Play is pushed
  • The very first images on the screen are perfectly in time with the music

The Third

5 sisters.
4 Porn Stars.

And an irrational fear of the mundane.

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