I’m doing some work for an old and great pal, Jerry Pfaffendorf. His latest venture is a website where civilians are able to purchase square inches of land in Detroit for $1, and are able to do whatever they want with said land, with the obvious restriction that … well… it’s in Detroit. We’re hoping to solve a bunch of the proximity troubles through some internet hackatation and clevervility; we’ll see how it goes.

The end goal is a robust and sweet looking AR setup, but right now Jerry and some pals are just working on getting the camera going (an iPhone hooked up to a solar charged battery. The phone runs custom software which takes a photo and uploads it to flickr every couple minutes). Once thats up, I’ll be coding some simple image overlays so people can see how their inches measure up (har har!) IRL.

picture-2So, right now the recipe is something like flickr api, imagick, php and maybe some perl. Not to mention Lovelands own little URL based Api. Before long we’re talking some avidemux and ffmpeg, which I’m psyched about. More on this stuff when I’m not so pooped and there are slightly prettier images to look at.


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