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How to Fade Up / Fade In using QLab

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

I have had to do this like a million times in the last 2 years and if I put any considerable amount times between instances, I always completely forget. Fade ins in QLab are the most ass backwards designed, pain in the ass to remember feature in an otherwise elegantly and well designed program. It’s not hard – but for me, for some reason – its stupid-hard to remember.

So here’s a step by step set of instructions, just as much for me (cause I just figured it out after 20 minutes of grinding my teeeth) as for anyone else.

  • Create a Sound Cue
  • Create a Fade Cue after the Sound Cue
  • Drop the Sound Cue into the Fade Cue
  • Set the Sound Cue’s MASTER FADE LEVEL to -INF
  • Set the Fade Cue’s levels to where you would like the volume to fade up to
  • Make sure the fade is set to ABSOLUTE